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The ArlatiGhislandi case

ArlatiGhislandi is an internationally-oriented Italian firm operating in the field of human resources through Labor Consultants, Chartered Accountants, and Lawyers.
For over two years, AC Consulting has been assisting the firm in defining its social positioning and related communication plans.


Planning focused on know-how to enhance services and professionalism

In defining the communication strategy, we worked on a distinctive social positioning within the target market, with the aim of supporting an increase in online consideration through a tone of voice aligned with the firm’s vision and its highly professional and institutional approach.

Daily consulting work, keeping up with the fast-paced nature of a firm like ArlatiGhislandi, is aimed at showcasing the firm’s know-how (through the editorial work of the AG Studies and Research department) using a “technical” language that can also resonate with the target audience on the main platform of reference, namely LinkedIn.

The definition of strategies is entirely based on a data-driven approach, focused on the analysis of monthly reports shared with the firm.

The importance of "training" for a firm that believes in people

To maximize the results of the activity, which is mostly carried out in-house, training courses have been organized to raise awareness among individual professionals in the firm about the potential of LinkedIn, not only for ArlatiGhislandi but also for building an effective personal reputation. Once again, to maximize the results of the training, we started with an analysis of the achievements during the first year of consultancy.