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CityLab Cosmetics

Development, marketing, graphics

CityLab Cosmetics



The CityLab Cosmetics case

CITYLAB Cosmetics is a start-up that invites its customers to create personalized beauty and skincare products through online and in-store experiential journeys. AC Consulting was responsible for developing the new website and digital experiences, as well as promoting the brand through positioning and marketing strategies.


The digital transformation: how Citylab has revolutionized its online presence

Starting with a usability study (UX), we have developed the new e-commerce website, structuring the purchase/reservation process for in-store services, the flow of digital experiences (conducted entirely online by the user and accompanied by the adoption of augmented reality), and have implemented the product catalog.
The graphic design team defined the visual identity of the brand, working closely with the development and marketing teams to structure an effective, user-friendly, and conversion-optimized flux.

From users to customers with augmented reality

The “Lipstick Virtual” digital experience was designed and developed to make the user’s journey fulfilling, accompanying them from the first step to the purchase. We adopted augmented reality to overcome the inner digital limitations in customizing a cosmetic product, developing a virtual filter that shows to the user the “worn” lipstick. The implementation involved using Python with the OpenCV computer vision library, in cloud computing, through Jupyter notebooks.

The filter allowed us to work on a static image sent through an upload from a personal archive or from a camera (the user takes a photo, uploads it, then the filter applies the lipstick).



Marketing strategy to increase sales

The marketing and content management teams structured a positioning strategy based on an analysis of the foreign market and major international competitors.Online promotion activities were planned on major social networks and Google, accompanied by marketing automation journeys through Mailchimp and Hello Charles channels. For these activities, we handled platform activation and developed a content strategy aimed at engaging users at different stages of the customer journey.